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I created this site because I wanted a place where people could get info and photos of the 123 Signal Battalion. There is only one other site, (that I could find), on the internet dedicated to the 123rd Signal Battalion. It seems that Fort Stewart, which was the last home of the 123rd Sig Bn, did have an official site for the 123rd but it isn’t there anymore. So, rather than have the 123rd Signal Battalion relegated to the dustbin of history, I wanted a place to pay tribute to all those who served with the 123rd Sig Bn, and a place they could share photos and stories.

I served in Company B, 123rd Signal Battalion, 3rd Infantry Division from Nov. 1965 until Mar. 1967. That was at the Hindenburg, Kaserne in Wurzburg, Germany. I have some photos of my time with the 123rd Sig Bn, but many have been lost. I’ll post what I have.


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  1. Hello – do you know of any other 123 Signal Battalion sites? I’m looking for a family member that was in 123 Signal Battalion in Wurzburg, Germany in 1977.


    Comment by Janis | September 15, 2008 | Reply

  2. MSN groups has a 123rd site for former members to post pics, messages and contact information. I was a member of Company C, 123rd from 1982-1984.Here is a link you might enjoy. Thanks. Dale Wittler “Witt”

    Comment by Dale Wittler | October 29, 2008 | Reply

  3. I served in the 123rd Sig Bn first in Fort Benning, GA. We giyroscoped to Germany in 1958. I was the Division Photo Officer and later also Company Commander for Hq Co. Spent three years at Hindenburg Kaserne. It would be nice to hear from some whom I knew at the time. I do know we had some very finw people in the 123rd, both officer and enlisted.

    Lt Col Theodore Schweitzer was first Bn Comdr and was followed by Maj Gerd S. Grombacher. Both of those fine officers are now deceased. Grombacher became a 2-star general before retirement and was Post Commander at Fort Leavenworth, KS.

    I retired as Lt Col in 1971, following a tour in Korea and another in Vietnam.

    Thanks for creating the site. Hopefully we will hear from some who served.

    Comment by Donald P. Blake | April 26, 2009 | Reply

    • Hi Don,

      Thanks for the comment. It looks like you were there before many of us, including me (1966-1967). It has been interesting to me to hear of the many changes which happened at the Hindenburg Kaserne after I left. Did you get a chance to go back?

      Comment by Ron | April 27, 2009 | Reply

    • I served with A Company, starting at Benning in December 1958, going to Germany with them, remaining there until April 1961. I remember LTC Schweitzer welcoming us (six who transferrewd from FT Dix) to the battalion. And I remeber Major Grombacher as our company commander before he made major and took over the battalion. First Sergeant Vozel later was my sergeant major at the 36th Sig Bn in Vietnam (1970). One of the greatest group of people in the Army.

      Comment by Robert L. Stephens | April 27, 2010 | Reply

    • sir, My name Shawn Jones and I came there as a PVT and I worked on the pu -620 generators sets for the RATT Riggs. ISG Point was your 1SG right? He works at the post office on fort campbell as of 1999. I’m the brigade CSM for the Army Air operations group in Fort Mcnair, DC. I remember you and just tonight i talked to SGT Jackson, theo whose a pastor and he’s in touch with Helen keyes, Mario collier and many more. My number is 202-253-5769 hooah

      Comment by CSM Shawn Jones | January 24, 2013 | Reply

  4. janis I was with the 123rd about that time…try….theres several of us signed up for the 123rd signal battalion group there
    by the way…the msn groups were all closed

    Comment by tom | July 22, 2009 | Reply

  5. Hello,,, I served in the 123 rd sig bn, from 64 to 65 “C” co, I have lots of pics in my Album and as soon as I can I will scan them and add to this site for all to see,, Thanks for the site too,, Jer

    Comment by Jerry Williams | August 17, 2009 | Reply

  6. I was in C Company of the 123rd Signal Battalion from late May 1974 until early November 1976. I have many fond memories of Hindenburg Kaserne and Wurzburg because I met a young, very pretty German law student at the University of Wurzburg, and we were married Oct. 28, 1976 in Muhldorf am Inn, her hometown in Bavaria. So we’ve been married almost 33 years now. I haven’t been to Wurzburg in many years, but I’d sure like to go back there sometime and visit some of the old haunts. Though I suppose the “One Mark Bar” no longer exists.

    Comment by Mike Cast | August 17, 2009 | Reply

    • Hi Mike:
      Yes there are lots of memories for me too there at the 123 rd. Also ,, you were married on my B/D ,,so we can all have a beer on that day and celebrate, That is great too ,you are still married to the one you met then.. SUPER,, Just as soon as I can get my scanner hooked up to this computer ,I will u/l to this web site some pics. take care,,, Jer

      Comment by Jerry | August 24, 2009 | Reply

    • Hey mike! I was in the 123rd from 74 to 75. Company B, our
      1st Sargent was Sutton, maybe you know him. Stringfield,
      Dennis Corey, Robert Daudelin wa some of the men in our company, maybe you know them. please reply. I was the only Navajo Indian on the base!

      Comment by Jerry E. Begay | August 28, 2010 | Reply

      • Goty therre after u left but heard about yu.

        Comment by Joe Weber | April 30, 2013

      • I was there in 75 – 77 B Co. and remember Sutton. tough guy and loved to run us.

        Comment by Doug | June 16, 2013

      • Jerry I was there that night during the motor pool incident. I was 2nd platoon B Company. Glad to see you made it.

        Comment by Charles Henderson | September 14, 2015

    • Mike, I have been trying to contact you for a couple of years because I saw a post you put on a military veteran’s website where you asked if anyone knew about Charlie Gethers. I tried contacting you through that website and through a search I did using your name on some of the social media websites. I found one that I thought was you that showed a man with your name living in Maryland and was in our approximate age group. If this is you, contact me and I will let you know what I have learned about Charlie after I did a search for him…I was the gal that roomed with you guys for awhile before I came back to the states. I look forward to hearing from you. I hope you have had a great life and I wish you and your family well. Janie

      Comment by Jane Andrews Stiffler | December 30, 2013 | Reply

      • Mike, I forgot to leave my email address…it’s imbedded but I don’t know if you can get it. I tried and couldn’t Stiffler is my married name. Thanks again. Janie

        Comment by Jane Andrews Stiffler | December 30, 2013

    • Was stationed at Hindenburg Kaserne from 1975 – 1976. I am trying to find a friend. George Negron. (787)435-6637

      I worked on the RATT RIGS, Many happy memories. One mark bar. Hensikeller….

      Comment by Angel Villalba | May 18, 2014 | Reply

      • I was in the 123 rd from May 1974 till Sept 1975. Had a great time. You got married on my b /d. Lol

        Comment by Jerry | May 22, 2014

  7. I was in C-co Jan.88 – Feb. 90, I too have many great memories of Hindenburg. Those two short years spent here out of seven and a half years in the Army made it all worth while. We had a lot of good times at that place, even those times spent in the field were fun. It’s still hard to see those photos of it all closed down. There is also a page on Facebook ( 123d Signal – Hindenburg Kaserne )that has been growing and is more interactive and easier to share memories and pics.

    Comment by Kevin Terwilliger | August 31, 2009 | Reply

  8. The Facebook page is ( 123rd Signal Battalion – Wurzburg Germany ). Check it out, it’s growing everyday.

    Comment by Kevin Terwilliger | September 1, 2009 | Reply

  9. I too was stationed in Hindenburg from March 68 till July 69 when I got out of the Army. Came to Germany after teaching at Ft. Gordon as 31M4H… vhf carrier ops. AN/TRC-24, AN/TCC-7 and all the other stuff in the 2.5 ton truck with generators. Was with CoB, 123 Signal for a while, then got transferred to the Division Signal Office as the Asst DSO for 3ID with Lt Carl (don’t remember his last name, but he was from SoCal too). I too remember 40 Mark Park ($10), then my new wife came over from SoCal. We rented an upstairs apartment for $190/month from the Rubenbauers at 19A Friedenstrasse, Wurzburg… right next to the train tracks. Then when our name came up, we moved to a furnished Army apartment, but I don’t remember the address or street…very close to the traffic circle… the building was occupied by other US troops… our neighbors were Else and Glen ?? Both wife and I became fluent in German thanks to neighbors, friends, and 4 months at Wurzburg Univ. I brought over a 61 Chevy Impala, sold it for way too much money to a German, and bought a 61 VW bug. Security clearance wouldn’t let me travel too far from Wurtzburg, but did manage to sneak up to Bremerhaven, Amsterdam, and to Munich for 1968 Oktoberfest. Also remember that when we were out in the woods on a VHF field problem, we would find local young German kids and buy local beer from them… green beer bottles with porcelain snap lids… let them help us setting up antennas and coax. We also setup a pirate radio FM station with small power output… when my wife’s parents came over to visit us on their annual European trip, I made up a special welcome program for them and transmitted the program over the FM stereo band. However, if the German FCC asks me, I’ll deny everything… I just can’t remember the names of fellow troops now… damnit… Bob Coe was a name that I still remember. Our unofficial motto was: “Keeping the 3rd Herd heard”… my email:

    Comment by Bill Young | December 22, 2009 | Reply

    • Remember you, Bobby Myers B Co, 3rd Platoon 69-70

      Comment by Bobby Myers II | January 13, 2013 | Reply

  10. I was stationed at Hindenburg Kaserne from Jan – Aug 1970.
    I was in the building (barracks) that still remains.
    I’d like to hear from anyone who was there at that time, especially Jim Chambers. He hailed from the LA area, I think Compton, CA. We went to England together in the spring of 1970. Tom Moore

    Comment by Tom Moore | May 20, 2010 | Reply

  11. Great site, thanks for making this possible.

    I was at Hindenburg H&HC, then living off-post in Gerbrunn, assigned to Photo Unit of 123d from Aug 63 – Jan 65, Sp4-E4, best tour of duty of my life. Managed to travel Oslo to Berlin to Paris and beyond, on duty, even bought a new 1964 Porsche at the Stuttgart works and take a European separation (Jan 65). Baumholder, Graffenweir, Kaiserslautern, there were some cold, snowy, wet, and muddy alerts and training exercises that anyone ever with 123d Sig likely remembers too well. Then there was also the Great Castle, the fresh strawberry wines high over the city, and the one and only Wurzberger Hofbrau.

    Anyone here remember or know of these 123d Photo vets: Gribbin, McNerland/MacNerland, Fenner, McClennon/McClendon?

    Greetings and best wishes to one and all of the First Voice Heard! The Voice of the Rock forever will be remembered, and heard!

    Edward Jones

    Comment by Louis E Jones | October 20, 2010 | Reply

    • ….Ed, I was in A-Co from June 63 to Nov. 64 ….I was an 053.1 and was team chief on a AN/GRC-26D. Started with a M-35 Duce #A-30 and then went to A-34 when they retired the gas trucks. I am a Military collector and I have a Duce with the exact radio set in my collection. I also have an M-37 (3/4 ton) with an AN/GRC-46, radio set. …..I had a great time in Wurgburg and have been back twice. The first time was in 1980 when I was able to get back on Post. (Hindenburg). The last time I was there was in 93 ??, when it was closed down. The gate was locked and many of the buildings were torn down. The sign was still up over the entryway but it wasn’t the same sign as in 64. I have pictures of both. It was so sad to see what it has become. I had a great time there with many wonderful memories of the people I served with and the places we went to. We walked the same paths and probably saw each other many times. Maybe in the PX or the mess hall. Was that you taking the pictures in the field when we were there for operation “Big Lift”? That’s when the 2nd Armour Division came over and we spent 3 weeks in the field. My team and I were up near Fulda. I loved it! ….I hope you write back so we can remember all the good times. My E-mail address is: ….Talk to ya. … Louie V. …

      Comment by Lou Venditti | November 2, 2010 | Reply

      • Hi Shawn ,: :::: I was in “C” co. 053.1 same as you , from 64 to 65,, a US 56 — —- er… I too had a great time there at the 123 rd, and is way to bad they have taken down the barracks ,, I guess that the “C” co, building is the only one that they left behind,, sure would like to go over to see what it all looks like now.. I have not gone back since I left there in 65,,, I worked the Net on CW up at the headquarters for the last year I was there, 12 on 24 off…what duty.. no KP ,, Yes… Reply ,,,if you can.. Later Jer,

        Comment by Jerry Williams | March 20, 2013

  12. I was stationed with the 123d a company from 1971 to 1976, anyone remember we called ourselves river rats during pt running the river, Platoon sgt i had at one time was sutton i believe he become 1sgt later in anothr company last i heard he had retired and was living in Paris. Great memories of that place, before AFN we all competed in buying the best and loudest stereo systems.

    Comment by Raymond Baker | November 25, 2010 | Reply

    • Yes sir, 123th Signal battalion, Co. B. Sutton was the 1sgt. 74-75, E2, Begay was never serious about the Military.
      just wanted to see the country of Germany. had a good time over there. Only Navajo in that outfit.

      Comment by Jerry E. Begay | November 1, 2012 | Reply

    • that’s funny and so true. still have my stereo in the attic.

      Comment by Doug | June 16, 2013 | Reply

    • I remember you and I remember the river runs. Lots of memories there.

      Comment by Wasson | October 9, 2014 | Reply

  13. I was stationed at Hindenburg in C Company from March 1971 untill Aug. 1973. I would like to hear from anyone that was stationed there then.

    Comment by Freddie Massey | November 30, 2010 | Reply

  14. Wondering if any out there remember my father William Lewis–served as a LTC from Oct 67 thru June 69? I was little, but oh so fondly remember a few fab games of Pushball…my Dad loved his tour in Wurzburg and I have ALOT of photos we recently discovered he saved…would love to hear from guys/gals who knew him…

    Comment by Dee | January 6, 2011 | Reply

    • I was there until April 67. Would like to see the photos he had. I hope to put together a huge gallery of photos. It would be great to see how Wurzburg and the 123rd changed over the years.

      Comment by Ynot | January 6, 2011 | Reply

      • going to start going thru Dad’s photos this weekend–will pick out some good ones to share–

        Comment by Dee | January 8, 2011

    • I remember your father. I have a picture of me sitting at his desk in 1968. I was there Jan 68-May 69 when I left for Vietnam. He was a good Battalion Commander. I often served as Runner for the OIC (Officer in Charge) because I could make $20 a night subbing for other guys. The different OICs liked me because I was pretty experienced and would let them sleep unless there was a serious emergency.

      If you want a copy of the pic of your dad’s desk with me holding one of his cigars–I will send you one. Reply to and put 123rd Signal in the subject so I don;t toss it with the spam. I also have some pics of the unit back then.

      Comment by Preston Ingalls | August 12, 2011 | Reply

    • I remember him well. I spoke with him a couple of times. There is even a humorous story about when I became a sergeant and tried to lead my company in front of him one morning. He was a real leader. I was there from May 1967 until December 1968.

      Comment by Richard prater | November 1, 2011 | Reply

      • Richard, your name is familiar. I was in Co. B (1966 – Nov. 1968). I ran a forward area crew and made a few trips to Hohenfels to support artillery training. We had some great guys to work with.

        Comment by Grady Joiner | August 7, 2014

    • Dee,

      Please contact me. I believe you are the sister of Jon Lewis and Don. Jon and I traveled to Alaska in 1970. I lost touch with him. I would like to find him.
      George Williams


      Comment by George Williams | June 25, 2012 | Reply

    • I have a pic of him re-enlisting my PSG in 68. I remember LTC Lewis he was a good BC. Robert L.Myers II, LTC, OHMR, I was a SGT in Company B 3rd Platoon

      Comment by Bobby Myers II | January 13, 2013 | Reply

      • Hi
        Dee I remember your dad we’ll in fact I was there when he named himself Lord
        Louie. I found your Dad right after he passed on and talk to your Mom Pat.
        If you would like some pictures and stories drop me a line
        Pete Simpson

        Comment by Pete Simpson | July 1, 2014

  15. i was in c co 123 pcm pltoon from 1980 to 1982 really miss shitty smithy,brutus judd hollywood and good friend charles Mccarhty

    Comment by Charles Eldridgw | April 21, 2011 | Reply

    • Hi Charles, the person I’m looking for was in C co in 77-78. Were you there then?

      Comment by Janis | January 6, 2016 | Reply

  16. love everyone who was there those was was good ole days

    Comment by Charles Eldridgw | April 21, 2011 | Reply

  17. I was Aco, 1983 to 1989. There are two 123rd Sig Bn groups on Facebook. One is dedicated to the 123rd Deactivated, and the other is the 123rd Wuerzburg, Germany. The Wuerzburg group has over 170 members. Check it out.

    Comment by Ken Broadway | May 13, 2011 | Reply

  18. I was stationed there from Dec79 to Dec81. I was a 3C in A Co. Anyone remember Mark Hitz. He was my best bud that I lost contact with. I hope all 123rd soldiers are doing well and have had as good a time growing old as we did when we were young. Take care, Dennis Cowart.

    Comment by Dennis Cowart | September 20, 2011 | Reply

  19. i was their from june 78 till june 80

    Comment by mark bryant | September 21, 2011 | Reply

  20. Dennis – Mark Hitz left on leave and never returned. On his way he stopped at every ATM he could and overdrew his account. He borrowed some money from his mom and rented a car. It was found 30 days latter abandoned. Eventually, he was picked up by the local police and did some time. After that he was picked up by the MPs and was court martialled.
    Mike Wilson – CDR, B CO, 09/79-04/81

    Comment by Michael Wilson | April 18, 2012 | Reply

  21. I was stationed in the Hindenburg roughly ’70-’71. I loved that damn place.

    Comment by Syd Flatt | December 14, 2012 | Reply

  22. My name is CSM Shawn Jones and I was in HHC as a Generator Mechanic and my supervisor was SGT Mitchell and SPC collier. I dated Ponzie from Humble texas. I stationed in Fort Mcnair DC and I’m still in. Call if you know me 202 253-5769

    Comment by CSM Shawn Jones | January 24, 2013 | Reply

  23. Miss the good people I met in 123rd. 1979- 1995.

    1SG Ana Velazquez…

    Comment by Ana | December 24, 2013 | Reply

  24. I was stationed with 123rd from Mar 79- Sep 81. I was with HQ CO. CPT Cross was my CO Commander. It would be nice to hear from my fellow comrades

    Comment by Margaret Crowder Barton | May 12, 2014 | Reply

  25. Iwas stationed there DEC 76 to APR 79 . C CO support plt. we had 3 wills in the BN Big will -me michael wilson (and i was a B-Ball playing Fool ) then we had steel will in B CO, and Little will also in B CO. I am trying to Paton from B CO

    Comment by Michael Wilson | May 29, 2014 | Reply

    • Hello Michael,
      I’m looking for Enrique Perales – he was in C co 77-78. Also went by Rick. Any chance you knew him? You can reach me at

      Comment by Janis | January 6, 2016 | Reply

  26. I can’t find anything on facebook when I search! I was in the 3rd infantry/123 Signal battalion, wuerzburg 1984-86. Can someone tell me how to find it?

    Comment by Greg Pence | July 7, 2014 | Reply

  27. Looking for somone who served in B.Co.
    I was a generator mechanic .
    Sp/4 Mc Neill

    Comment by mcneill..James | April 9, 2015 | Reply

    • James, I was in A co from July 63 to Nov 64.John Stoddard from Berlin, Pa.was our generator mechanic. I was a Sp./ 4 Team chief on A-34 a Duce with an AN/GRC-26D on it. …

      Comment by Louis Venditti | April 12, 2015 | Reply

  28. B. Co. 1971-72 Sutton was the only man I ever met who could flex his face! Saved me from myself! never forget the man…..

    Comment by Ed Hampson | October 20, 2015 | Reply

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